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Draft Information


  • At the conclusion of the 2017 season, CCSL voted to enact changes to the U10 and U12 soccer divisions to 1) improve player and coach development, 2) improve the quality of soccer and 3) create a clearer path for soccer clubs to form and stay in Clarke County. These changes took effect in the Spring 2018 season.
  • Changes include the following:
    • Coaches and players will form teams that will remain together season after season
    • CCSL will invest and require a greater level of commitment from coaches and players, meaning players cannot move to different teams based on practice scheduling conflicts and coaches will be supported through continued learning (e.g. clinics, licensing
    • New players will be added to teams fairly, using a draft system for new player placement
    • Teams will end the season in a friendly tournament, crowning a season champion and runner-up

Draft Order

  • In Spring 2018, the first year of the draft, draft order was determined randomly. For seasons that follow, the draft order will be established based on last season’s regular season record. If teams finish with identical records, tournament results will be used to break the tie to determine draft position. If that results in a tie, a coin flip will be used next.
  • If a new additional team (e.g. expansion team) is added to a division, that team will select first. If two new additional teams are added to a division, a coin flip will determine the draft order among the two.
  • In the Fall 2019 season, the U12 division draft order will be determined at random prior to the draft

Rostering Returning Players (This section does not apply to U12 Fall 2019 Season)

  • Players will automatically be rostered on a team from the prior season. The player will count against the team’s roster limit during the draft. If the returning player did not play the prior season (i.e. played in the Spring but not in the Fall and back again in the Spring), the player must re-enter the draft.
  • Players and Head Coaches that move from U10 to U12 will stay together. Players moving up from U10 to U12 will be rostered with a returning Head Coach only if the Head Coach is also moving up to U12. If the Head Coach is staying in U10 and not moving to U12, but the player is moving up to U12, the player will enter the U12 draft.
  • Players on a team where a Head Coach moves up to U12, but the player stays at U10, will remain grouped with their teammates from the prior season and a new Head Coach will assume the position on that team.

Draft Format and Rules

  • The draft will follow a snake format, with the team drafting first selecting first in the first round and the team drafting last in the first round receiving the first pick in the second round
  • Children (and stepchildren) of the Head Coach and siblings (and stepsiblings) of returning players are automatically rostered on the team and do not enter the draft.
  • Children (and stepchildren) of an Assistant Coach are automatically rostered on the team, do not enter the draft, but the player counts as the team’s third round selection. If more than 2 children qualify, then fourth and fifth (and so on) round selections apply. 
  • If sibling players participate in the draft (division), they will be drafted on the same team. Coaches who draft a player with a sibling in the draft will be required to draft the sibling 2 rounds later. 

Draft day

  • Prior to draft day, coaches will receive a list consisting of registered players returning to their team, their draft position, a roster limit number (number of players they can roster for that season) and a list of players they can evaluate on draft day
  • CCSL will host a draft day at the fields where players will be given numbers and coached through various skills drills by board members and volunteer coaches not involved in the draft
  • Following the draft day skills drills, players will leave and the draft will begin. Coaches will have 1 minute per round to select a player.
  • Once the draft is complete, coaches will receive an electronic copy of their roster and can begin team communication.
  • Teams are not permitted to trade or recruit players once the draft is complete


  • Players should attend the draft
  • Players that did not play the prior season must re-enter the draft
  • Teams are not permitted to trade players at any time
  • Parents are permitted to request their player re-enter the draft only by special request to the board
  • All U10 and U12 practices will be held twice a week from 6-7 p.m. at the Clarke County Parks and Recreation fields, and games are held on Saturdays. If a player is drafted by a team and the player cannot attend practices or games for whatever reason, parents may unregister their player for the season. Coaches will receive compensatory draft picks for players lost during the season and/or may receive a supplemental player from the waiting list. 

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