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Travel FAQ

  • Is this going to be too much of a time commitment?
    • A typical season in a travel league is 4-5 home games and 4-5 away games.
    • Practice amounts change depending on the team and competitive level the team desires to achieve. Some travel teams practice twice a week. Some practice three to four times a week.
  • Will the “travel” element of this be too much for my schedule?
    • Our travel times will likely be no more than 2 hours (one way).
  • Is my player going to be good enough?
    • That’s tough to determine without working with your child first. However, our coaches are good at what they do and they’ll have an honest discussion with you about developing your player and what reasonable expectations can be.
  • Will this be the level of training I want for my player?
    • Our system is designed to not only make sure the coaches who are teaching and training your player are trained for success, we ensure that each team has multiple coaches so that your child gets the individual training they need.
  • What kind of expenses will I need to consider?
    • Other than the annual $300 fee (which includes the uniform kits), you will be responsible for appropriate soccer cleats and shin guards. Your coach can advise you on other accessories you can purchase to help your player elevate their game at home.
  • Where are games played?
    • All home games are played at our single-site facilities at Chet Hobert Park located at 22 Al Smith Circle, Berryville, VA 22611. Our away games vary depending on the schedule, but can range from as little as 25 minutes away up to 2 hours away.
  • This sounds too good to be true. How are you competitive and charge so little compared to other clubs?
    • There are several factors at play here:
      • We reject the idea that you are required to pay the equivalent of multiple mortgage payments to learn the sport properly. Soccer by its nature is an inexpensive sport. All it requires is a ball, some cleats, and safety equipment. We embrace the worldwide successes of clubs which focus on technical training on the essentials of the sport, rather than build the philosophy that a team is better because they paid more to be there.
      • We do not pay our coaches. You might find this hard to believe, but we actually don't believe in paying people just because they have experience playing in college or even playing pro or semi-pro. If a coach is incentivized by the win/loss column, that coach is forced to win all the time. That doesn't always translate to what's best for your child. Ask yourself this question: As time progresses and your child ages, do you find that your child's individual and technical skills may be taking a backseat to the win/loss record of the team?
      • While we don't pay our coaches, we do pay for professional training for our coaches so your child can still reap the rewards of professional (and proper) training without the professional fees. 
  • Do you go to tournaments?
    • We do! The number of tournaments,  the competition level, and locations vary by team.
  • I'm interested. Where do I sign up?
    • Right here: Tryout Now!

    • Remember, tryouts are always free. Even if it looks like you're going into a paid section, you will have the option to join a free tryout.

    If you're still unsure, send us an email. We're always happy to interact! Click Here To Send Us An Email

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